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I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I suppose, maybe like some of you, I was a bit hasty when I first started my blog and quickly named it Mental health from the other side.

I initially wanted to discuss mental health nursing from my own perspective so I thought my blog name covered it. However, my blog has evolved over the last five months and I’ve been discussing my own mental health, together with mental health and mental illness in general. So, in hindsight, while my current blog name says ‘from the other side’, I’ve been thinking, what ‘other’ side?

I wasn’t even sure that technically (i.e. it could be done on wordpress) I could change my blog name and I certainly didn’t know how to, but with some sage advice from my wonderful blogging pal Hugh at Hughs news and views, I’m going to try. However,

I need your help

I have a few new blog names in mind and I need your help in deciding which one ‘cos I want to get it right this time. You are the amazing peeps who read my blog and you might have a better idea of what to call ‘me’? It’s been on my mind a while now and I think I know which one I prefer and I do like the word ‘sides’ in it but I just can’t settle. Help?

  • Mental health from both sides
  • Mental health from all sides
  • Mental health from different sides
  • Mental Health from various sides
  • All things mental health

Another thing I might need to change is the tagline under my blog name? Do you think so?

While I’m asking for your help renaming my blog, I’d like to ask if there’s anything else you think I could be writing about? I have my diaries and lots more I could write about; I could write for England 😉 What would you like? Would more nursing tales be interesting? Is there something I’m missing or am I writing too much. How does my blog look to you?

It’s a big ask, but I’ve asked for it, so give it to me straight — even though I’m scared. However, constructive criticism and all comments will be appreciated.

Thank you, in anticipation.


Mum to two amazing sons. Following recovery from a lengthy psychotic episode, depression, anxiety and anorexia, I decided to train as a Mental Health Nurse and worked successfully in various settings before becoming a Ward Manager. I am a Mental Health First Aid Instructor and a Mental Health Awareness Trainer, Mental Health First Aid Youth and Mental Health Armed Forces Instructor. Just started my mental health from the other side blog.

37 thoughts on “HELP – CHANGING MY BLOG NAME”

  1. I like Mental Health From All Sides as it covers your side, the patient’s side, and also other workers’ sides. It also can cover various topics as you have been doing lately. I really like reading about the accounts with patients and how you describe what could be done differently or what went well. I also really like some of the topics you have covered lately such as non-verbal communication and how to communicate well with others. Gave me some great ideas for working with some of the families I currently work with. Keep up the great work!

  2. I think you’ve got a really good mix of personal and nursing stories. I think all of those name options would work. My preference is mental health from both sides.

  3. Okay, you’re thinking about changing the blog name because your subject matter expanded? What if it expands further? I mean, speaking for myself, I started off as a health blog – more specifically, my health – but write about all sorts of nonsense. So as well as renaming your blog to cater for the present, think about what you might write about in the future,
    That said, I’m glad the name of my blog is kinda in-your-face. I very deliberately kept it that way because if one person looks at a post and thinks “Gosh, I thought they were all ga-ga and this guy is saying something intelligent” (I know, unlikely!) then that is a win for me.
    Your suggested names – I’d go for something punchy – 3 or 4 syllables, and use the description to give a fuller explanation. How about something like “All in the Mind”?
    For the length of the posts, I read most posts in my browser’s reader. It speaks the words to me – it is quicker that way. It estimates at the start how long the post is going to take to listen to. Your posts are frequently 10-12 minutes. I read your stuff anyway because it is interesting (and I guess it will continue to be so), but ideally, I like maybe 7-8 minutes. I know, the trouble is sometimes it takes that long to say what you gotta say. Incidentally, one of the things I haven’t got my reader to do is to boogie with WordPress’s Preview pane, so I can’t see how long it’d take to read my own posts before I publish. I just have to guess.
    My 2p.

    1. Brilliant P and yes, your blog name certainly tell’s us who you are 😉 Thank you for your feedback and you’re right, my posts can be quite long – it’s difficult to know how much info to give cos not everyone’s from a nurse/mental health background. But, I hear ya. and I’m glad you enjoy it.
      Thank you x

  4. Mental Health from Every Angle?

    I love the content of your blog! But don’t worry if it doesn’t seem to match your blog’s name! I’m a believer in blogging about whatever’s on your mind at the time! If it doesn’t match the theme, it’s no huge deal! So I’d love to see more content where you’re exploring whatever you’re thinking about at a given moment! I love it all!! Your posts are always interesting!!

  5. How about MentalHealth360 – covering 360 degree view of mental health (domain me available too).
    I also like All Things Mental Health.

  6. To choose a name, you have to consider functional (as your suggestions all are) and memorable (which they aren’t really). You might consider something more catchy, like We’re All a Little Bit Nuts, Sometimes you Feel Like a Nut, Sometimes you Are, We’re all a Bit Crazy Now and Then, or my favorite: An Enchilada Short of a Combination Plate (to quote Winnie the Pooh). Maybe those are ridiculous, but maybe you could lighten things up a bit in your title to lure people in and then hit them where it’s real. Even people who have mental health issues might prefer to think of themselves more as a combination plate than ILL.

  7. I love your mix of content and I think it’s good to open it up and cover various aspects of mental health, with your own experiences, your own stories, personal updates, mental health information/advice/support etc. As for the blog names, I think the concept of ‘all about mental health’ captures more, but then ‘from both sides’ suggests personal and other, so a mix.. mentalhealthwrappedup, mentalhealth360…
    Caz xx

  8. What a difficult question! I would go for something shorter like Stroke Survivor UK suggested. I like the proposal of MentalHealth360 from Sadagopan.
    I free styled a bit and found the following suggestions:
    Mental Health Manager
    Two way mirror
    Managing Mental Health
    Do you Mind?
    From shore to shore
    Side by side
    Two sides of a coin
    As you see some have mental health in it and some the side aspect but nothing with the both in it as I didn’t find anything 😂
    I’m curious what name you’ll decide on!

  9. Mental health from various sides…….makes me think of “mental health served in many different flavors” i’m unsure……but …yep, there it is & thank you for reading it & stepping up to express w/the rest….Never clear on the “other side” …..and how many there are to start with or to end with…..Much Love….

  10. I immediately thought of “Mental Health from All Sides” when you mentioned why you were changing the name. I also like Sadagopan’s idea of “MentalHealth360” for brevity and Kacha’s “Do You Mind?” for being catchy.

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