10 of my favourite feelings tag

I’ve been nominated for a 10 favourite feelings tag

10 of my favourite feelings tag

I want to thank Pooja at Lifes fine Whine for nominating me for this new tag (initiated by ImXandria) — 10 of my favourite feelings. So thank you Pooja, very much appreciated, and it’s come at a time when we can all do with some positivity in our lives. It’s a great way to be thankful for all the good things in our our lives and to remind ourselves that there’s still a lot of good out there.

The Rules

List out 10 of your favourite feelings! It’s honestly just that simple!

My 10 Favourite Feelings

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  1. Honestly and truly, being with my partner
  2. for almost 11 years who makes me feel very much loved, safe and calm. We’ve weathered the bad times, where I’ve tested and pushed him to his limits, and came out the other side. It took me so long to trust or to let anyone in after my previous disastrous relationships. He’s simply the best 😉
  3. Catching up with my family in Scotland
  4. We all love cooking in my family and we might stay there for 4-5 days, going to mum’s my sister’s or my brother’s home and they all set out a feast for us. Sis is married to a Scottish Chinese guy and he make the most amazing Crispy Duck for us. My brother might cook a fourteen course Indian delight and mum does her good ol’ Scottish food. Why go out to eat eh?
  5. Spending time with our amazing grandchildren

makes me feel so alive and carefree, again lol – there’s nothing like little ones to bring back the child in me; rolling in the grass, making silly voices and singing along to their favourite Disney films. ‘Let it Go……………..’ from frozen is constantly in my head, or ‘Tomorrow, tomorrow……’ from Annie. Their little arms hands and fingers in mine, or their little arms round my neck saying “I love you,” is like nothing else.

Cooking for my family

who all say they love my food (Hmmm). But honestly, sitting round a table as we eat, chatting and laughing is a favourite pastime for me. I feel so proud of how my sons have turned out and how sweet they are, one with his wife and the other with his girlfriend, my step-daughter and her little family (our grandchildren) and my eldest step-daughter talking about her nursing and life in general.

  1. Lying in the sun on the beach
  2. — the warmth of the sun soaking into every bit of me, leaving me feeling relaxed and happy. The sight of aqua blue seas are inviting and once I’m in, I could stay there for ages, twisting and turning back to see everyone else on the beaches; smiling and feeling relaxed too.
  3. Being at a concert
  4. with tens of thousands of others, singing our hearts out as tho’ we’re one. Fortunately over the years I’ve been to many and too many to mention here. But some of my favourites were Tom Jones playing in the Arena in Pula, Croatia (one of the last 7 standing in the world), Rod Stewart at Wembley Stadium and The O2, and Van Morrison at The Royal Albert Hall. My least favourite was Pavarotti in London, he was a complete Diva and we left halfway through.
  5. Having a massage
  6. The sensation of strong hands pummeling, twisting and stretching of all my muscles relieve any underlying tension and release my happy hormones. But they have to be really good and know their stuff as I’ve had a few who I asked to stop – their massage was just irritating me. I trained in five different types of massage so I can tell when they’re a newbie.

The sound of rain

Especially when I’m tucked up indoors, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Tho I really enjoyed when it rained like I’ve never seen when we were in Houston visiting family. We’d just got to the pool when the rain started, and we had to run all the way home in shorts and flip flops. I laughed at my sister with a towel over her head as though that would save her from the torrential rain.

Laughing hysterically with my cousins

It’s almost like we can read each other’s thoughts cos one can burst out laughing if we see something funny and it sets everybody else off. Being Scottish, we have a very dry and sarcastic sense of humour, which some people just don’t get and think we’re taking the p out of them. I just have to think of two particular cousins and it makes me smile. How simple is that?

Flying off on holiday

The excitement once that plane takes off is incredible, flying through the dark clouds and misery over the UK into clear blue skies, crossing the blackness of the Atlantic Ocean into sunnier climes elsewhere.

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This is such a positive, fun and simple tag I decided to nominate specific people I felt would enjoy taking part in this as well but if anyone else wants to join in, meet some new bloggers, feel free to join. Just let me know either by tagging me on the post or commenting on this post because I can’t wait to read your to hear your answers! I look forward to any comments and answering any questions.

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17 thoughts on “10 of my favourite feelings tag”

  1. You know what, in that situation, minus my hearing aids. I would have said bugger this, I am getting wet anyway and got in pool for 5 minutes. I can say I had bern in it, before running home. 😁

  2. Nearly all of your things are my things, family meals, lying on a beach etc. I’m a bit limited as to travel these days but my memories of those things keep me going. Have a nice day

    1. Thanks Belle, nice to hear from you. Yep, travel’s getting a bit more difficult for me too – we’re thinking of getting a mobile home? That might help 🙂 x

      1. Oh that’s a brilliant idea! I had the chance to buy a second hand fully adapted camper van and I passed it up. I so regret that. Go for it.

  3. Thank you so much for accepting the nomination and participating in the tag! I love the feelings that you picked especially the cooking for others one because I really love doing that too!

  4. So many beautiful feelings here! Your rain story reminds me of a time when my family and I got caught in a serious downpour during an outing in a park. Luckily, we were close to home, so we ran all the way, dried off, and drank hot chocolate together. Simply the best!

  5. Congrats on the tag! It’s so heartwarming to read of your relationship and the love for your grandchildren  ♥ I share that liking for the sound of rain; when you’re dry and snuggled up indoors, it can be so nice to sit with the sound of the rain at the window. I miss having a conservatory for the same reason. It used to be great in there when it was raining.
    Caz xx

    1. Thanks Caz. Ooh, lucky you, a conservatory. I could imagine sitting in there with a cosy blanket, drinking hot chocolate while both watching and listening to the rain beating down. My kind of heaven 🙂 x

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